We took the boys to the rodeo tonight.  I have to admit that I was as excited as they were.  It was my first rodeo, too.

We got there at 8 as it was getting started.  They opened with the national anthem and a prayer.  It was really neat to see the cowgirl on horseback ride around with the flag and then everyone bowed their heads and there was total silence as the announcer prayed.

The boys were a little antsy as we watched the first few events but then they got to go out into the ring with all the other kids and chase calves.  Bubba was totally into it and was pretty disappointed that he didn’t catch one.  Dude was really overwhelmed and just sort of stood in the middle as a ton of kids ran around him.

The rodeo clown was pretty entertaining and dressed up in silly costumes that the boys loved.  They really got into a couple of his skits.

We all agreed that the barrel racing was our favorite event.  We were kind of far from the chute where everything was starting so they had a hard time seeing most of the stuff but the barrel racing takes the whole arena so they really got a good view.

The rodeo closed with the bull riding.  I tried to get some videos but they didn’t turn out too good.  (and i can’t figure out how to upload them anyway)  You will just have to come with us next year.


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  1. I laughed when you mentioned the clowns at the rodeo. We went to Baldwin City, KS today to ride Thomas the Train. Our youngest boy, who is 2, cried some tears over the clowns that we saw today. Maybe in a few years he will think they are funny instead. It was a nice family outing and one the boys look forward to every year. It feels good to start making fun memories again.

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