action flicks

The boys left today to go to St. Louis to spend the week with my sister and her family.  The hubs and I are living it up.  Sort of.

We started by going to Walmart to get frozen pizzas.  Super exciting.  We saw some people we know that made fun of us for spending our first kid free night at Walmart.  Yep, we know… we are dorks.

Over pizzas we watched Transporter 2 on Spike tv.  I am not much for action flicks like that.  Actually, I think they are ridiculous most of the time.  So I started picking it apart.  Dodging bullets, half dressed women, 1 on 25 fights.  Get real.

The hubs equated the movie (and generalized most movies in this genre) as a video game.  The fights get bigger and more over the top as the movie goes on.  The main character has various types of weapons as the movie goes on.  Both represent new level on a video game.

I watched the entire movie making fun of it along the way constantly comparing it to a video game.  I thought the movie we watched was ridiculous but at least the star was easy on the eyes.

Here’s to hoping the rest of our kid free week is a little more exciting.


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