Who said boys don’t play dress up?


Bubba and Dude striking a pose in their costumes

As I was cleaning up the kitchen and putting away groceries this afternoon the boys got silly with the plastic sacks.  Before I knew it, they were wearing them like skirts.  Bubba was trying to scotch tape pieces together to embellish things so I stepped in and offered up the duct tape and some help.

They giggled all day about their new outfits.  I was able to indulge in a little dress up that I have felt like I have been missing out on by having only sons. Dude even asked for a hanger to put his “dress” on in the closet.

The hubs was not too enthusiastic about the whole thing when he got home from work but he went with it.  Neither of us is concerned about them wearing heels to high school.  Plus we have some really awesome blackmail for the future.


Dude looking sassy


Bubba striking a ballet pose.


Super heroes taking off.

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2 responses to “Who said boys don’t play dress up?

  1. Caryn

    They are seriously SO CUTE!!

  2. lisa

    My boys love to dress up/pretend to be something else. Yesterday Caleb put on all black and said she was a firefighter. They love to weat costumes and pretend being some type of superhero. I never thought it was werid:) Good memories:)

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