Mud bath

Yesterday we spent the day celebrating dads.  Well, not really.  The boys spent the day playing in the mud.  They started in the little pool we have in the back yard as the Hubs and I cleaned out the garage and washed cars.  After Bubba and Dude splashed most of the water out of the pool, they dumped the rest and started squishing their toes in the soggy ground.  They very quickly created a mud spot and started wrestling.  After they were covered in mud they told me they were doing spa treatments.  All in all they spent almost 2 hours playing in the mud.  I got the garage cleaned up and both cars got washed.  It was a great father’s day for me.  I am pretty sure the Hubs thought so too.


That is mud on their faces, not shadows.



squishing their feet deeper into the mud


The Hubs spraying the boys down before I let them come into the house. He didn’t get all the mud… they turned the bath tub a dark shade of brown and left enough dirt in there for me to fill a pot plant some seeds.


Sitting in timeout on the front porch waiting for the Hubs to move cars. They got a little crazy with the hose and got into trouble.

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