Baseball almanac


Bubba picked this book up at the library today.  This is against my better judgment as The Hubs will use this as a way to remind me that (in his twisted mind) the Kansas City Royals are somehow better than the St. Louis Cardinals.

Anyway as we were sitting in the library looking at books, Bubba kept asking about the players on the 1985 Royals team. He was quickly able to identify George Brett and Frank White based on their jersey number (5 and 20 respectively).  Bubba also quickly pointed out that the manager Dick Howser’s number is also retired.
He then started questioning the players numbers.  He said isn’t number 1 Dyson? And isn’t Moose number 8 instead of that guy (Sundberg). He pointed out the number 4 is now Alex Gordon and not Greg Pryor and that 21 is now “Frenchy” and no longer Lonnie Smith.
He was able to name all of the Royals current starting lineup as well as many of their bench players. Where have I gone wrong?
Bubba is like a walking baseball almanac.  He knows all of the teams, their mascots, the names of their stadiums.  He can tell you whose number have been retired. Bubba is obsessed with records and facts about baseball.  His favorite channel is currently MLB network.  It is amazing. I hope this leads to a career (and salary) worthy of major league baseball.

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