mission planning

In less than three weeks The Hubs, Bubba, Dude and I will be on the road to with a team from our church heading to the Wabaseemoong (White Dog) First Nation Indian Reserve in Canada.  We are going to work with a missionary in the area that is planting churches.  Our goal is to build relationships with the members of the Ojibway tribe through acts of service, times of fellowship, and a Vacation Bible School for the kids.

We are really excited to go and are gathering everything we will need.  The Hubs, Bubba and I got our passports yesterday.  We are hoping Dude’s comes tomorrow and that there are no problems with his.

Our team has been meeting regularly to plan the logistics of an 18+ hour drive, sleeping in a school, preparing VBS and fellowship activities.  Most importantly we have been spending time prayer for our trip.  We ask that you would join us in prayer for this mission trip. Pray for guidance and safety for our team.  We also ask you to pray for us as we meet and visit with people that have been hurt by missionaries in the past.  Our trip will not be successful unless it is filled with prayer.  Please join us in that.

If you would like to help financially or by donating supplies, let me know and I will contact you directly on how to do that.

Also, I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed/under prepared with the idea of sharing my faith and ministering with people that A. have been hurt by people in the past or B. people that have absolutely NO clue about the Christian faith.

Do you have any words of wisdom or advice in talking to people?  Can you recommend a book that I can read in the next few weeks?  Do you have any experiences that you can share that would be helpful (where you have done what we are doing or you have been burned by people doing what we are doing)?


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  1. Wow, how exciting! Our Honduras mission team read a book on short term missions that might be helpful, I’ll try to track it down and get you the title. Interestingly, I have a friend who has dedicated her life to understanding the history of the Ojibwa, she’s published books on it and is a professor of history at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. She’s also 1/2 Ojibwa herself. All I hear from her is how much she detests Christian missionaries, because they all come in and try to tell you how everything you’re doing is wrong, when they – as a people – have a way of life that is older than Christianity and has served them well. So my thought is, if it were me going, I’m not sure I would go in with the idea of doing much talking, but rather a lot of listening. Learn about them and their way of life. Let them learn about you and your faith through your actions instead of words. Just show them love, and let the Holy Spirit do the talking. Have fun!!!

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