some more words from Dude

I am telling you that Dude is HILARIOUS!! He comes up with some of the craziest things.

Earlier this week he got into trouble for making a huge mess of his (and Bubba’s room).  He was told to clean it all up.
Dude:  Why do I always have to clean up everything in this house?
Me: Because you make all of the messes
Dude: THIS IS NOT OVER! (he then stomped off)

We were working in the yard today and he was ready to go in.
Dude: Are ready to go already?
Me: I am still working
Dude:  What are you? A whackadoodle or something?  It is too hot.

We were going to get the mail and I told him to stay inside.  He followed me out the door and started walking up the street.
Me: Where are you going?
Dude: I am running away.
Me: Where are you running to?
Dude: Canada
Me:  How are you going to get there?
Dude: I am taking the subway.

Just now as they boys were settling down for bed, Bubba was getting squirrely and bothering Dude.
Dude: Would. You. Please. Stop. Sing. Ing?!?!
Bubba: Why?Whats the matter?Don’t you like my singing?”
Dude: I. Just. Want. Some. Peace. and. QUIET!! NOW!!!

I have no idea where he gets this stuff.  I also have no idea how I entertained myself before I had kids.  These guys are hilarious and I am in for it for the next 15 years!!


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