I am prime example of why you should not go to the grocery store on an empty stomach.  (related: I did not have a list, either)

At 9pm tonight (after a meeting whose timing caused me to eat an apple in the car for dinner) I went to Walmart to get snacks for our trip to Canada.

Here’s what I put in my cart (I probably should have gotten a basket instead so I wouldn’t have grabbed so much):
Lays Chips
Mixed Nuts, M&Ms, and raisins to make snack mix
Vanilla Wafers
Fruit Loops
Peanut butter crackers
Brownie mix
Cookie Dough

I started feeling guilty about what I had gathered.  But instead of putting things back, I headed to the produce section where I added grapes, apples, watermelon, bell peppers and a pineapple.

As I looked at my cart I started to question whether we would be able to eat all of this food.  It is an 18 hour drive.  I decided that, since we can’t take the produce across the border, I would put the bell peppers and pineapple back.

I headed towards the checkout and realized I forgot Twizzlers.  I went back to the candy aisle and grabbed the Twizzlers.  I threw in some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for good measure.

At the register, I grabbed a Diet Coke and a snickers bar for the drive home dinner.  Thus the reason it is almost midnight and all of the snacks have been portioned out into snack bags, all the fruit is washed, cut and ready to eat.  As I look at my pile, I am starting to feel really worried about our junk food consumption on our drive.

What do you think about snacks on the road?



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4 responses to “snacks

  1. Snacks on the road are supposed to be fun and a little unhealthy! Whatever it takes to keep them happy for 18 hours, right? Have a safe trip and good for you for going and taking your boys.

  2. Caryn

    Sounds exactly like our road trip snacks! Don’t worry too much; road trips are supposed to be a vacation from normal life, right?

  3. uselessjess

    I like peanut M&Ms, Twizzlers Cherry Bites, & beef jerky. Standard snacks for our frequent road trips to The Lou.
    Safe travels!

  4. I am taking similar snacks to Nebraska next week. kyleighsgift is right, roadtrip snacks are supposed to be fun & different from the norm. Something to look forward to.

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