workout style

I have been going to the gym fairly regularly this summer and I am starting to question my look.  When I work out I sweat.
A lot.
Like.. man sweat.
It is gross, really.

I have never really cared about this as I am WORKING OUT.  Isn’t that the point?

I am happily married and pretty confident in who I am.  I accept my place in the world of “But she has a great personality.”  It is all good.  I know that when I make an effort, I can look pretty good but I am not a traffic stopper.  Maybe the meat heads dropping the free weights take a peak every now and then but that is as far as any checking out will ever go with me.

After doing 45 mins on the elliptical, working my (nonexistent) abs and doing 50 (girl) push ups today, though, I walked by the mirrors and took a look at myself.


People!  Why didn’t you tell me I looked so gross?  I was splotchy!  I had hair sticking to my face, my neck, up in the air.

Those guys weren’t checking me out as they were lifting weights.  They were horrified.  They were probably looking at me like I look at “The Real Huusewives of Wherever”- I hate what I see but I can’t stop myself.

How do I fix this?  Maybe the girls in full make up, hair. hoop earrings, and cute workout gear are not really trying to pick up men at the gym.  Maybe they just don’t want end up looking like a sweaty, red-splotched oaf like me!

What is your take on how you look at the gym?  Do you go glam or gross?  Would you judge me?



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2 responses to “workout style

  1. Caryn

    I go gross! I figure if I want real results, I can’t be bothered to look pretty or not to sweat. Sweat means I’m working. More sweat=working harder! I couldn’t care less what other people think about the way I look at the gym.

    • Kate

      Do you think the guys wearing stupid cut off shirts (where they cut the arm pits out and they barely have a shirt on) think that we think they’re all that? The goal of going to the gym is YOU. If women are going to the gym in full makeup and hair and they look like a workout video- then they aren’t working hard enough. I say go gross!

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