summer clean out

School starts in about two weeks and I am trying to get a few things taken care of before we all go back to normal.  This week we are going through stuff to get rid of.  Our house is tiny and our boys are hoarders.  This is not a good combination so a few times a year I make them go through their toys and stuff and get rid of things.

We have gone through all of the boys clothes and it was relatively painless.  That is because I did it without their input on the majority of items.

Today we tackled toys and their closet.  I was stressful to say the least.  Bubba wanted to agonize over every single item.  Dude wanted to walked like Godzilla through the piles. He also wanted to keep every single thing.  (I am pretty sure he was being obnoxious just to make his brother mad.)

To help them let go of some things, I told them that anything they sold in a future garage sale they could keep the money.  Suddenly they were motivated.  We ended up making a bit of progress- we will have to work hard tomorrow in order to finish before the weekend. Both agreed that they wanted to buy a train table or Lego table.  I have no idea where we will put it (they suggested getting rid of the dresser and laundry basket in their room).

One thing they decided to sell is cracking me up.  Bubba has saved almost every art project, drawing, coloring page, craft, etc. for the last two years.  It kills me because there is not an artistic cell in my body but my son wants to be a famous artist (that is if baseball doesn’t work out).  Anyway, they have decided to do an art sale.  They figure that is where they are going to make most of their money since Bubba has so many “pieces” to sell.

Are you interested in the art of a 6 year old?  Let me know… I will make you a great deal.


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  1. I love it!! I was an art teacher before I had kids, so this is great! I know someone who had an art auction/sale of their children’s artwork. They invited family and close friends over for refreshments while they previewed the artwork. I don’t remember if they priced everything, or did a simplified version of an auction, but either way, everyone loved it. I don’t know too many people who wouldn’t spring a few bucks for children’s art!!

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