Chocolate Friday?

So the boys and I are hanging out today and they are starting to get restless. I need to go take a few things to my classroom and was starting to get concerned that it would be chaos.

Nevermind I am not concerned- I know it will be chaotic. Have you read any of my other posts about Bubba and Dude. It is always chaos with these two.

Anyway I am not against bribery and use it at almost every possible venture.  I told them what we needed to do and then asked them if they could be good.

Bubba knows how I operate and asked in an ever so subtle way what was in it for them. I asked him to name is price. 
“Ice cream?” He asked.
“Yeah! Ice cream!” Dude second.
I thought they were going to suggest the pool and I was totally prepared to say yes. But ice cream was a much better idea. This is good for me… I am totally craving ice cream and now I don’t have to put on a swimsuit.
They started talking about what they want from Dairy Queen. The typical blizzard mix-ins were named.
Bubba then decided he wanted an ice cream sundae with chocolate syrup.
Dude kind of looked at him funny and then asked “Can I get a chocolate Friday then?”

I love these kids.


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