first day jitters

Today was my 10th first day of school as a teacher.  Last night I posted on Facebook that I had a lot of anxiety about school starting.  My friends are wonderful and gave me a lot of encouraging words to sleep on.

I am pretty sure I had gotten myself worked up over MAP test scores.  Yesterday, during our staff meeting, we went over MAP scores for our building.  Every grade and every subject had awesome scores- all above the state averages for proficient and advanced scores.

That is except 8th grade math- the subject I teach.  (There are 7 sections of 8th grade pre-algebra and 2 sections of 8th grade algebra.  I teach 6 of the pre-algebra sections.)  These scores were lower than the state averages and were a drop from the prior years.  I took it personally.  I have poured over the data in the last 24 hours and tried to figure out why this happened and how I can improve.  I need to get over it and move on.  It put me into a funk going into my first day that is not worth it.

Then I woke up with a swollen and bruised eyelid.  Apparently I got into a fight in my sleep or something.  Not a great way to start the day.  (update- the swelling has gone down but the eye still hurts)

My classes are great.  My numbers are low and my kids seem really good.  We had a great time learning appropriate bathroom and hallway behaviors.  The kids are really buying into our new (to us) PBIS program.

This is going to be a great year!


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