Football supervision

On Friday nights I get to help supervise home football games. I started by standing in the open area behind the end zone telling elementary age kids to stop running and sending middle school kids back to their section.
Now, though, I have been promoted to be the “Visiting Team/Referee Liaison.” Sounds like an important job, right? I just made that title up. Really, I greet the visiting team and refs. I let them into the locker rooms and then I save seats for the band.
Anyway, here’s the purpose of my post.  Tonight we are hosting Kansas City Northeast and I am disgusted my members of my students body and community. KCNE has a team composed primarily of black students. The community of Nevada is primarily white. (And when I say white I mean red necked.)
When I let the KC team into the locker room every single one of their players and coaches looked at me and thanked me for holding the door. (Last week the Eldo boys barely looked at me and grunted). I told their coaches that I was impressed. I don’t yet know their ball skills but I do know they are respectful and good kids.
As I sit here savings seats for the band I am listening to kids as they walk by on their way to where ever they are headed. I am disgusted by the uneducated racist things I am hearing them say. How dare people say things like that about someone they have no clue about. I fnally stopped a group of former students and got all over them about what they were saying. They looked at me like I had horns coming out of my head (at that point I probably did) and laughed as they walked away.
I don’t know if did any good in ending the senseless racism but I feel better for taking a stand.
What would you do? Do you stand up?


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