extra load of laundry

I am doing an extra load of laundry tonight with the sole purpose of washing my socks.

These are just any socks.  They are green and red striped Christmas socks. They have a little bit of sparkle and are becoming paper thin. They have become stained on the bottom from the number of times I have worn them.  They are special.  I wear them for good luck.

It started in the post season last year.  Every time I wore the socks my beloved Cardinals would win.  Those days I wore other socks were days when the Cards lost.

I wore them while watching the game Friday night against Atlanta. The Cardinals won (yes… I know it was a bad game with some really bad calls but they still won).  Sunday, when the Cardinals lost to the Nationals, my lucky striped Christmas socks were in the laundry.  I washed them that night.  I wore them Monday- and the Cardinals won.  I did laundry last night, wore them today, and my boys won big time today.

What can I say?  These socks have some power.  So I will wear them again.  I would hate to let all of Cardinal Nation down.  There is a lot of pressure on these socks.  I don’t know what I (and the redbirds) am going to do when they are so worn out they become unwearable.

Like the Bud Light commercial says:  It is only crazy if it doesn’t work.

What do you do to help your team win?


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