the hubs has a birthday

Today we celebrate The Hubs.  It is his birthday.  The anniversary of the day he joined the world.

In honor of his day I give you the top 10 (in no particular order) things about why I love him and am lucky to have him.

1. He is bald.  I love his silky smooth head.  My thing for bald heads started with Mr. Clean in my childhood. I love a bald head (and it is a good thing since The Hubs has been balding since we met).

2. He is super smart.  I can depend on The Hubs to help me figure out a crossword and know the answers when we watch Jeopardy. He is the best partner when we play Trivial Pursuit and go to trivia nights.

3. The Hubs is a thinker. I don’t have to worry about him putting his foot in his mouth (I have that one down pretty good myself) because he thinks before he speaks.

4. My husband is a compassionate guy.  He treats all the people he works with and meets with kindness and respect- regardless of their status, situation, and past.  He is the kind of guy that makes people feel worth something without holding their histories against them.

5. The Hubs loves to play. He gets on the floor and wrestles with the boys. He spent 2 hours helping Bubba “beat” the Lego Batman Wii game.  He builds Lego  and Lincoln Log models with the boys.  He has played endless games of Pop the Pig and GoFish with Dude.

6. Another thing that makes him a great dad is how he is teaching the boys to be men. He takes the time to teach them how to speak to people and treat them with respect.  His high expectations for their behavior show (most of the time) when they are in public and away from us.  The Hubs is doing a great job of raising young men.

7. He has a great laugh.  When the boys do hilarious things The Hubs can’t hold anything in. He laughs at them. I laugh at him.  His laugh is contagious and infectious.  He doesn’t just laugh- his whole body lights up and shows that joy.  I love to watch him laugh.

8. The Hubs works hard for our family.  He goes to work while I get to sleep in on school breaks.  He left the police department for a desk job when I couldn’t handle not having him around.  He has made sacrifices to provide a good life for our family.

9. He is hot! In addition to his good looks he has a high body temperature (think team Jacob) which is really good since I am always cold at night.  He lets me climb into bed and snuggle up to him with my freezing cold hands and feet until  I am warm.

10. I love The Hubs so much because he puts up with me.  I am not easy to live with and deal with but he is so kind and patient to me.

I am pretty lucky to have him in my life.  He is a great husband and father.  I can’t imagine my life with any other man.  The Hubs is awesome and I am glad to be able celebrate his 38th birthday with him!!


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  1. What a sweet thing to do! I think I might steal this idea from you in a couple weeks for Artene’s birthday. And I can TOTALLY relate to #9! Artene is always super hot! I have an electric blanket on my side of the bed because I get so cold, and when I climb in bed after him, I always snuggle him till I’m warm! What great husbands we have!

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