Working the Gate

I am working the gate and collecting the money at the 7th grade basketball game. The cost is $1 for students and $3 for everyone else. The parents of the home team players get in for free. I do this job on a regular basis. It is not hard and usually not anything to complaint about.
I am starting to get a bit pissy tonight, though. The visiting team fans are not being very nice. Here’s what I want to say to them:
I am really sorry that you drove this far and you have pay to get in.
I am sorry that your school doesn’t charge senior citizens but ours does.
I am sorry that your conference pass doesn’t work here… You won’t let us in your conference.
I am sorry that you are a teacher in your district and not ours. You still have to pay.
I am sorry we won’t honor any of your district’s free passes. I wouldn’t expect you to honor ours.
I am sorry I couldn’t tell that your daughter is a student and not an adult… She dressed and made up like she is 26- she does not look 12. And if I think that there are lots of not nice people that also think that so you better be careful.
I am sorry you don’t like our rules, think they are ridiculous, and are really unhappy over a 7th grade basketball game.
But listen… I don’t make the rules. I can’t change the rules. I am a lowly math teacher trying to make an extra $20 bucks. Please stop complaining and go support your children.


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