trendy music

I am not a music buff or anything like my brother and cousins are.  I like trendy things.  I like pop music- yes I enjoy some Justin Beiber and 1Direction every once in a while.  I also enjoy classic rock, a little bit of country, and mellow music (or as the hubs says… pot smokin music- which I have never done so I wouldn’t know- seriously- i have never smoked pot).

I listen to most of my music on the radio or on Pandora.  I have a Dave Matthews Band station on Pandora that I like to listen to when I am grading papers… It is mellow and makes great background noise when I am checking the math on my students’ assignments.

Apparently, though, this station has been hijacked by Mumford and Sons.  I am probably a little late to the party on this one and I am sure I am jumping on the trendy bandwagon but I love them.

The banjo is awesome.  It reminds me of living in Tennessee and going to the blue grass festivals.  I know Mumford and Sons is more folksy than bluegrass but it totally works with the mellow music I dig of an evening.

What do you think of Mumford and Sons?  Who is your current favorite band?

By the way, here is a great interpretation of a Mumford and Sons song by one of my favorite bloggers.  enjoy.


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