What a bribe

I was snuggling with Dude on the couch earlier this evening. I treasured this moment as he is.always on the move and not a big snuggler.
This lead to a discussion of how he used to love to be held as a baby which led to a discussion about babies in general which led to a discussion of when we were going to have more babies.
As we were sitting there Dude was sucking his thumb. In case you don’t already know both Bubba and Dude are thumb suckers. It drives the Hubs and me crazy. We have tried everything under the sun to help break this habit.  Nothing motivates them to stop. Nothing deters them from sucking. It Sucks. Literally.
Anyway… Back to the baby discussion. Dude wants to be a big brother really bad. I kind of want more kids (but we are diaper free and only have 4 daycare payments left so I am not really fully on board with it at this point). 
One thing led to another…
You know how that goes…
Oh wait…
Does it sound like I am announcing a pregnancy?  I AM TOTALLY NOT PREGNANT SO DON’T GET ANY IDEAS.
I did tell Dude that if he and his brother would stop sucking their thumbs we could have another baby.  He got really excited. He stopped sucking…

for about 5 minutes…

Don’t worry…
I don’t think my biological clock will continue ticking long enough for them to stop the thumb sucking.
No more babies in this house.

Have you ever bribed your kids?


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