my dark blue jeans

so as you know, i have been working out and trying to get skinny.

well, after splitting my pants a few weeks ago (I forgot to tell you all that because I was so embarrassed but that is what has sparked my working out motivation) I finally got a new pair of jeans and guess what!!!


So i wore them to school on Friday (since we get to wear jeans every Friday with our collared shirts) and I was feeling pretty hot in my smaller sized super dark jeans.  

The thing about super dark jeans is that they turn everything they come in contact with blue.  My hands were blue all day long.  Most of my students didn’t notice but a few did… so when they asked me about them i convinced them that i have a slow progressing disease and one of the symptoms is that my skin turns blue.  it is amazing how gullible 8th graders are.

back to the smaller size.  I think I may have jumped the gun on it.  

Please laugh with me now…

I have my conference/plan time at the end of the day and have trained my bladder to “hold it” all day (my teacher friends understand this) so I had not been to the bathroom all day.  When I finally went things took a turn for the worse.

I did my business.
I pulled up my pants,
I buttoned my pants.
I tried to zip but the zipper wouldn’t budge.
I flushed… I was stalling for time.
I tried to zip again…  again… no movement.
I start panicking.  I start sweating.  Now my fingers are slippery and I can’t grip the zipper.
I wash my hands. I dry them really well.
I try the zipper another time.
I suck in. I lean back.  I bend forward.  I can’t get the stinking thing to move.

I should have bought the bigger sized jeans.  I have only been working out 2 weeks.  That is not long enough to go down a size.  What was i thinking?  My hands are blue and now my gut is sticking out the zipper part of my jeans.  Oh My Gawd!!  I am so embarrassed.  this is worse than splitting my pants.  

My heart is racing.  i am locked in the bathroom.  what am I going to do?

I quickly pull the front of my shirt down over my zipper and race walk as fast and as casually as I can back to my classroom. I am praying that no one stops me along the way.

I get into my room. shut the door and l lay on the floor.  Gravity works in my favor and pulls my gut towards the floor. 
Slowly, I get the zipper up.  
Crisis is over.

Wow!  That was not a good thing.  I should probably go to a few more dance classes before I try to wear those jeans again.




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