nobody is watching

When nobody is looking I always check for security cameras.  They are everywhere and somebody always seems to know what is going on. I do this because, without a doubt, I am always caught doing something super embarrassing.  You know like picking a wedgie, scratching my armpits, or adjusting my bra or something.

My students do things like pick their noses when they think no one is watching- they don’t seem to realize that I am in front of them and look straight at them and see this. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer.  

Bubba and Dude dance and play nicely together when they think no one is watching.

Tonight I went to the grocery store and while I was in my car (sending a text before I started driving) I observed someone load their groceries into their car and then look around to see if anyone was watching and then leave the cart in the middle of the parking lot.

This got me to thinking about how we act when (we think) no one is watching.  You know all  the cliches about character.  I want to be (and am working really hard) to be the same person in all aspects of my life- home, church, school, Walmart, etc.  

I have always been an observer.  I watch people.
And I confess…
I judge people.  
I judge how people treat others.  And because of what I observe I have started to become concerned about how I come across to others .

I hurt when I see my friends treat people poorly.

I see my teacher friends talk down to students- degrade them.  And often the teachers don’t even realize it.  They see themselves as “putting that kid in his place” or something like that. Do i do that to my students?  Ouch. I hope that I make every child feel important, special and worthy of all the success in the world.

I see my friends treat the checker at Walmart or the clerk at McDonalds as a part of a lower  class. Do I do that to people that are working hard? It always makes me mad when I get treated poorly at my 2nd job because I am a lowly clerk at the shoe store. i hope that i am treating anyone serving me with dignity, respect and especially gratitude

I have seen my friends dump people because they don’t have anything to gain from that relationship. They abandon relationships because it doesn’t elevate their status. They abuse people to lift themselves up.  Do I do that?  Do I use people to get what I want? I hope I value my relationships enough to work at them even if I have nothing to gain.

I don’t have a question tonight but I do want you to think about who you are when people might be observing.  How do you treat people when someone may or may not be watching?



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