do you smell that?

I worked out again tonight!  Boy did i sweat!  And what comes with sweat?  Stink.

Yep.  I was stinky tonight.  And the boys wanted to tell me all about it.

Then Bubba took his shoes off and we all about fell over.  My child has the stinkiest feet in the world. It was awful. I can’t even describe the funk that was coming from his feet and shoes.  It was as if an animal had rolled in poop, died, soaked in stagnant water and then sat in a hot humid car during the month of July.  How does this happen? It was gross. Thank goodness for my shoe sweetner.  The shoes are refreshing as I type.

I try to rid my life of unpleasant smells more often than I care to admit.
I teach middle school.  
Middle schoolers stink.  
      The boys sweat and try to cover it with Axe body spray.
      The girls wear way too much perfume with an extra layer of conflicting scented lotions.

Then there are the ones that have no sense of smell.  
You know… the ones that don’t realize that they stink.

Or the ones that pass really stinky gas.  


During class.

The other day I was teaching and working with students in my math class and someone started letting them rip.  The Silent But Very Deadly (SBVD) ones.  They were very potent.  

Side note: I have a very strong sense of smell and can identify scents from a long distance.  This “gift” can be a blessing but is also a curse. 

Back to the SBVD farts:  They were so strong that I had to walk away.  I was not able to identify the culprit but I was able to narrow it down to a section of the room.  I tried to avoid it but the smell was slowly spreading across the room.  If it was colored it would have been clouding the room like dry ice does in a fog machine.  It got so bad that I had to step into the hall. When I came back in, I decided to let my kids go to lunch a couple of minutes early.

Too bad I had lost my appetite.

How do you handle stinky situations?


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