i hate girl scouts

i am a terrible horrible person for saying that i hate the girl scouts but right now i do.

you see it is cookie time and i ordered one box of each flavor.  
the hubs wanted me to order a box of “his kind” but i could remember what “his kind” were so i ordered one of each.

the girl scouts helped me justify this by saying they freeze well.

they are right… the cookies do freeze well… if they make it home and to the freezer…

my girl scout delivered cookies to me at 7:45 this morning.
all 8 boxes sat on my desk for about 15 minutes before my students started pestering me to share with them.  at $4.00 a box i am not sharing with 8th graders… i don’t care how awesome my students (think) they are.

i moved the boxes to the floor behind my desk.

they started calling my name.  it was subtle at first.  but by the time 3rd hour rolled around they were SCREAMING MY NAME AT THE TOP OF THEIR LITTLE COOKIE LUNGS!

Last night and this morning were exceptionally emotional times for me.  
Then, during 2nd hour, my AP showed up for an unannounced observation.
Yesterday there were a lot of kids absent so I spent today helping many of them play catch up.

I was stressed out by 10:30!!

I did what any other emotional eating, stressed out, and tired woman would do.  

I opened a box of cookies and promised myself I would only eat 1.

or 2.

well… maybe 3 is okay.  

the serving size on the box says 2 but worked out really hard last night so I can have a 4th cookie.

I probably should have amended my original though to say I would l eat 1 box.

I may have eaten a whole box of girl scout cookies today.  Would you judge me if I did?  If it is any consolation, I did make myself sick and i felt like crap the rest of the afternoon.  I am not sure I will be able to eat lemon flavored anything for a long time.  And I went to dance class tonight.  That makes it all okay, right?



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2 responses to “i hate girl scouts

  1. I’m embarrassed to say my fiancé and I ordered 7 boxes of Simoas! Those little things are delicious!

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