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going to the principal’s office

Last week I posted on Facebook that the Hubs got a phone call from the principal’s office at Bubba’s school and I got an email from his teacher telling me she had sent him to the principal’s office.  This is something that we might expect from our life of the party, nothing held back, 5 year old son, Dude,  We were shocked that Bubba got into trouble.

Here’s the story for those of you wondering how Bubba (my sweet, well-behaved, teacher pleasing, over-achieving 1st grader) landed in the principal’s office:

Apparently the 1st grade boys love to run around (crazy, right) and chase girls at recess.  Well, Bubba was running with some boys and flirting with chasing some girls.  He got carried away and took one of the girls’ coat.  When she got close to getting it back, Bubba threw it into a tree.  

Realizing that was a bad idea and fearing he would get into trouble, Bubba did everything he could to get the coat out of the tree. Instead he ripped the sleeve off the the coat.  At this point, he was freaking out (i am pretty sure he was having a panick attack- a teacher i work with has a child in his class that reported that Bubba was really upset and crying when this all went down).  

The teacher, trying to send a message (read: scare him senseless) sent him to the principals office for making bad choices and not being nice to people.

Being a teacher myself, I totally support her decision.  Bubba need the bejeezus scared out of him- he is a great kid but is getting a bit arrogant about being awesome and definitely pushing the boundaries. The Hubs and I have a rule about getting in trouble at school-  the punishment at home is worse.  Bubba got grounded from electronics (tv, computer, etc) for a week. Unfortunately that punishment sucks for us too.  We are halfway through the week now.  Hopefully Bubba will learn from this and avoid the principal’s office at all costs.


this is what no electronics on a rainy day will do to a kid


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sucker punch

Remember my post from earlier this week?  The one about how I have survived and been blessed over the last 9 years?

yeah well… just because I am okay these days, I am not over it.

I realized that tonight when I went to the grocery store.  While visiting with a former student she told me her aunt had had a still born baby girl today.  Immediately, I started crying.  It was like I had been sucker punched.  As the student shared her aunt’s story, I began hurt for a mom I have never met, for the family of this student that I love and know will be forever impacted in a way my family can relate.

I appreciate that my former student trusted me enough to share her sadness.  I hope that I can support her and love her (and her sister, whom I have in class now) in a real and relate-able way.  I hope I am able to reach her aunt and minister to her as well.

I pray for the family of baby Brightleigh Skye tonight.

By the way, before now, this student did not know about  Sarah- I am completely honest about her but I don’t freely share this information with my students.

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9 years

Today would have been Sarah’s 9th birthday.  I have spent a little bit of time this week thinking about what she would have been doing as a 9 year old…learning to write in cursive, how to multiply, how to play softball, and she probably would have started water skiing this summer.

I am a sad that I don’t get to experience those things with her but those feelings don’t overwhelm me anymore.  Today, for Sarah’s birthday, I want to encourage friends that have lost children.

About 6 weeks after Sarah died, my grandma took me to lunch to see how I was doing.  She shared her story of loss and was very encouraging to me.  She told me to cry when I wanted.  She told me to be happy without guilt.  She also told me that I might cry everyday and then one day I would realize I hadn’t cried. And then I would cry because I felt guilty.  She was right.

Grandma also told me that over time the tears would dry up and I would be okay. She was right again.

Grandma encouraged me to look for God in my life.  I decided to not lose sight of God in the loss of Sarah.  I have continually tried look for how Sarah has changed our lives for the better. She is the angel that watches over us.  She is waiting for us to be reunited in heaven.

After 9 years, the tears and the hurt have subsided.  I will always hold her close to my heart.  I still ache when I hold infant baby girls.  I mourn in a personal when friend loses a baby.

But I have survived.

And I promise, to my friends dealing with a loss, you will too.

One day, you will realize that you didn’t cry.  One day it won’t hurt so bad.  One day you will smile at the memories rather than ache with the loss.  One day it might make sense.

Until that day, it is okay to cry.  I love you and I will continue to pray for you.

Have you experienced the loss of a child?  Tell me your story.


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