sucker punch

Remember my post from earlier this week?  The one about how I have survived and been blessed over the last 9 years?

yeah well… just because I am okay these days, I am not over it.

I realized that tonight when I went to the grocery store.  While visiting with a former student she told me her aunt had had a still born baby girl today.  Immediately, I started crying.  It was like I had been sucker punched.  As the student shared her aunt’s story, I began hurt for a mom I have never met, for the family of this student that I love and know will be forever impacted in a way my family can relate.

I appreciate that my former student trusted me enough to share her sadness.  I hope that I can support her and love her (and her sister, whom I have in class now) in a real and relate-able way.  I hope I am able to reach her aunt and minister to her as well.

I pray for the family of baby Brightleigh Skye tonight.

By the way, before now, this student did not know about  Sarah- I am completely honest about her but I don’t freely share this information with my students.


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