they say its your birthday

Today is my birthday!  

How old am I?  you ask… As my papa used to say “I am as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth.”

I have had a great birthday (except for the fact that we are MAP testing but I will rant about that when it is over).  The weather was absolutely perfect today!

My students sang to me every hour.  One even gave me a package of gushers fruit snacks.  I love those things.  They have spent the week planning a birthday party for me (to be held Friday when testing is over).

After school, the Hubs took Bubba, Dude, and me to Joplin for an onion brewski steak and hot rolls at Logans (my favorite!). 

Once the boys went to bed, we watched a little baseball (the Cardinals won earlier today and the Royals just won their game so it has been a great day for baseball in our house) and I responded to all the birthday wishes on facebook (I love that there is a birthday reminder for everyone in the top right corner of the screen- birthday wishes always make me feel so good!).

The only downer to my day is that the weather man and his fancy computer weather projection thingy is calling for 10 inches of snow by Friday!!!!  Can you believe that?  I hope he is wrong although I am worried since the temperature has dropped about 30 degrees in the last few hours.

This birthday has been a good one.  Life is good.  


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