Road trip talking

We are driving to the lake right now and we don’t have a DVD player or any other electronics for the 3+ hour drive. We talk about a lot of good stuff in the car.

Bubba is reading and telling us all about “The Fart Book”. Let me tell you this is a book of great literary quality.  Basically, it is a dictionary of farts.  I hate to say it but I was (and may possibly still be) slightly obsessed with poops and farts.  I have several books on the topics.

Dude is telling us all the qualities he wants in the girl he wants to marry.  She has to be pretty and know how to cook.  He says the her feet don’t have to be clean- being dirty is not a deal breaker.  However, the most important thing is that she obeys God.  I think those are pretty good things to look for ans he might end up with a girl like me (besides the feet thing).

We are now taking a pit stop… All this fart talk, the little boy stinky feet mixed with the bad breath of the dog has made the truck smell bad. 

Have a great weekend friends and remember why we celebrate.


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