inner conflict

I have said it before and I will reiterate it here again: I am a die hard St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan.

However, two things are causing some inner conflict for me: we live in the a different baseball market (Kansas City Royals) and I married a long suffering Royals fan.  My children are not following in my steps and I feel like somewhat of a failure.  

Because I love baseball I will watch any team and (I hate to say this) but I am starting to root for the Royals.  Who doesn’t love an under dog?  We watched with hopeful anticipation at the beginning of the season.  We now watch with frustration as they slump.

The conflict arises when the Cardinals play the Royals.  Obviously, I cheer for the Cardinals but I have to listen to The Hubs and Bubba give me a hard time (Dude doesn’t give a rip about baseball on tv and says he likes Yankees just to make us all mad).  Tonight is the 3rd of 4 games.  The Royals need a win to snap out of this terrible month of play.  The Cardinals are on fire.

I keep telling myself that I want the Cardinals to win.  But I keep catching myself rooting for the Royals.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??  The Royals were leading and having a pretty good game until the 8th inning.  Now I am sad for them.  I am not enjoying the excellent inning the Cardinals are putting together because I feel sorry for the Royals. 

The Hubs and I have started playing a game where we try to predict the final score before the 7th inning starts.  I thought the Royals were going to win.  We are now in the bottom of the 8th and the Cardinals have gotten hot.  

And this bothers me.

I need to move back to a Cardinals market area.  I can’t take this kind of inner conflict.


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