summer love

Bubba and Dude are spending some time at our local YMCA’s summer day camp this summer.  I am not one of those teachers that sits at the pool working on my tan all summer long.  I’m one that works all summer (i am teaching summer school, working on math curriculum, i am on a new committee, and I work part time at a shoe store… i think I am already for school to start back up so i can slow down).

anyway… as I we were pulling into the parking lot so I could drop them off at the Y this morning I hear Dude say (in a wishful voice) “There she is…”

Me: Who?

Dude:  Miss Abby… My counselor… 

Dude is in love with an older woman.  

He reminded me of the move The Sandlot and Squints Palledorous’ his love of Wendy Peffercorn.  I am afraid he is going to jump into the deep end of the pool hoping she rescue him. I am probably going to have to hide that movie for the rest of summer… I don’t want to give Dude any ideas (because he would totally do that).

Did you have a childhood love that was way too old for you?  What kind of moves did you pull to get their attention?


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