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ch ch changes…

The hubs and I seem to specialize in change.  We have moved 7 times and lived in 4 different cities in the 12 years that we have been married. We have changed jobs.  We have changed lifestyles.  The amount of hair (him) and size of clothes (me) has changed more than either us cares to admit.

This summer brings another change.

Stop right there…

I know what you are thinking…

I might cry if it were true…

NO!  We are not pregnant.

The newest change for me is that I am changing teaching positions.  I am transferring from the middle school back to the high school.

When we first moved to this small town, the only job I could find was teaching at risk algebra 1 at our high school.  I viewed as a foot in the door and would quickly be looking for a transfer back to where I was most comfortable… back to the middle school. 

The thing is, though, I loved teaching high school.  I decided I wouldn’t seek a transfer.  I wanted to stay put.

But my certification didn’t cover all that I was teaching so, after 1 year, I was moved.  It wasn’t my choice and I went back to the middle school level kicking and screaming.  Things were good great there.  I have worked with an amazing staff and made some great friends.  I have never felt more supported by a principal than I have in the last 2 years.  I became settled and at peace with being back at the middle school level.

But we have had a lot of changes and turn over in our high school math department in the last 2 years.  This year we had 4 openings for math teachers.  At the beginning of June, there was still one more spot left to fill.  That spot was the same one I had been in when I first came here…you know the one I loved.

Something kept gnawing at me.  So after a month of prayer, talking to people much wiser than me, and waiting for someone else to get hired I decided to express interest in the position.  

I cried when I told the middle school principal.  I had knots in my stomach when I talked to the superintendent.  I put my heart on paper and sent it to the high school principal.  

Before my transfer could go through, a replacement 8th grade teacher had to be hired.  That process went fairly quickly so I know I am doing the right thing. 

But changes (even the good ones) aren’t always easy.  I cried when I packed up my classroom last week.  I am nervous about unpacking and setting up a new classroom.  I am going to miss my teacher friends at the middle school.  Despite that though, I am going to embrace the change.

In the words of David Bowie… 

Turn and face the strange
Oh, look out you rock ‘n’ rollers
Turn and face the strange
Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time
I said that time may change me
But I can’t trace time

How do you feel about changes?



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lessons learned on a mission trip

We just got back from our mission trip to Canada.  I was very nervous about returning to White Dog for a second summer to work with a new missionary and brand new church plant.  I have learned a few lessons in the last 11 days that I will share with you.

1.  Bubba has a future as a politician.  He has mastered the filibuster.  Who knew he could talk for 8 straight hours?  He talked almost the entire time we were in the car. (That was about 20 hours each way!)

2.  Dude is a thrill seeker.  We stopped at Mall of America on our trip.  He went on every single roller coaster.  Even this one.  And he loved them!! If this is what he is into at age 5, we better watch out!

3.  The further north we went the better the temperature got but the worse the bugs got. Canadian mosquitoes and flies are awful!!

4.  I shouldn’t complain about gas prices here. Gas in Kenora, ON was $1.44.  Sounded great until I realized it was per liter.  That works out to be about $5.45 per gallon.  Factor in the exchange rate and we are looking at close to $6 a gallon!!  The $3.49 we are paying right now is great and I won’t complain anymore.

5.  Kids are kids regardless of where they are.  They want to play, eat junk food, and be loved.  I hope we were able to provide that this week to the kids at White Dog as well as our own.

6.  While our we are coming from the same place and our destinations are the same, the road we take is often different and winding.  The paths may cross or run parallel for a while but ultimately we walk our own roads.  Without good communication, walking our separate paths might cause others question and disagree.  When we are passionate about something, sometimes we wear blinders. Sometimes we hurt others even though our intentions are good.

7.  I need to be careful when I am serving.  I love working and connecting with people.  But sometimes I can get caught up in loving and serving others that I forget to love and serve the ones I am closest to.  

I have been learning lessons 6 and 7 over the last few years but this trip helped me to see them from a different angle. I don’t know if our trip was successful. I pray we didn’t put forth a bad image while dealing with conflict within our team.  I pray for futures of the awesome kids we got to hang out with. I am thankful for Facebook to keep up the adults I connected with.

Have you been on a mission trip?  What did you learn?


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