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full moon or weather?

As a teacher I have learned a lot about the moon phases and barometer changes.  

“But don’t you teach math, not science?”  you ask.

That is true but anyone with any sort of connection to a school has noticed a correlation between student behavior and the moon phases as well as the barometric pressure.  When the moon is full, the kids are crazy.  When there is a sharp rise or fall on the barometer, the kids are crazy.  

There are other scientific cues to wild behavior. Snow in the forecast and torrential downpours that last for days to name a few.

Anyway, today felt like a full moon with a sharp spike in the barometer.  If it weren’t 99 degrees outside I would have guessed that the weatherman was calling for snow.  My students were wild.  Freshman are always goobers but they were turbo charged today.  

I set a personal record for being told off by a student today.  It only took 5 days for the f-bomb to thrown and me to be called a capital B witch.  That is the fastest ever for me!

Bubba and Dude were wild, too.  I can’t even describe their craziness.  Let’s just say bedtime was before 7:30 tonight because I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and I will be lake bound for three days!

Where your kids crazy today?

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not really good

We just finished dinner.  It wasn’t anything special.  
Chicken, pasta shells, cheese and broccoli all mixed together.  

Okay… who am I trying to fool?  We had Chicken Helper- broccoli cheddar flavor.  Please don’t judge.  I love the stuff.  It is fast.  It is easy.  And I don’t have to think about it when I am cooking.

Don’t judge.  We don’t eat super healthy in my house.  I know I have health nut friends out there that are thinking about how horrible of a mother I am for feed these processed foods to my kids.  Yes, I do.  I own it.    

Anyway we sat down to eat with our single servings.  I was waiting for the boys to complain about it.  They are 5 and 7.  They complain about almost everything I serve for dinner.  They would probably complain if I made them eat hot fudge sundaes as their meal. (they’d want brownies instead).

But they didn’t complain.  In fact, I am not sure they even took a breath while eating.  Bubba scarfed.  Dude shoveled.  They were really hungry (I know because they told me every 2 minutes for over an hour.)  Bubba asked for seconds.  Dude asked for seconds.  Bubba asked for more.  He was not happy when I told him no.

As he was walking away in total sadness I said, “Wow!  You must have really liked that,”

He responded with “Not really.”


Apparently I don’t understand growing boys.


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bedtime prayers

Every night before bed we have our boys say prayers.  We don’t have a formal prayer but we encourage them to say thanks to God for something, ask for forgiveness of their sins, as well praying for their needs and the needs of others.

Bubba is really good at praying for the needs of others.  He has a very long list.  He is a pretty conscientious kid and he is very concerned for the people around him (he cares mostly at bedtime, though… he doesn’t really care about people when he is playing with legos or watching baseball) 

Dude is very good at being thankful.  Usually he looks around the room and lists the things he sees.  He is also thankful for things that he has heard, seen, remembers, thought of randomly.  I know he is a grateful kid but I am pretty sure he likes to prolong the bedtime process.

Tonight was meet the teacher night for our schools.  Dude is going into kindergarten. He is not looking forward to it.  When we took him for his immunizations he threw a fit.  The nurse told him that if he didn’t get his shots, he couldn’t go to kindergarten.  He responded “Great because I don’t want to go anyway!”

What does this have to do with prayers?  Well tonight when Dude started his laundry list of thankfulness he prayed the following in a very dry tone:  
      Thank you God for my new kindergarten class and my new teacher.  Even though I don’t want to be there, thanks anyway.  Thank you for thinking about letting me go back to preschool.”

I couldn’t help it and i started laughing.  Is it wrong to laugh during a prayer. Am I raising a passive aggressive child?  He seems to be trying to get God on his side with some suggestive prayers.  I think i have probably done that a time or two.

Gotta love my boys!!

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do you tweet?

I am thinking about going back to twitter for some teaching stuff (build a plc, tell students to turn in hw, etc).

I used to tweet under the name @frayedmomma (I am still out there.  i will wait while you go stalk me).

i quit it several years ago because i got overwhelmed with all of the people i was following.  I tried to keep up with what everyone was saying and doing.  i wanted to know everything about everyone.  i wasted a lot of time reading things i wasn’t interested in or that weren’t relevant to me.  my twitter feed consumed me. even though i can’t quit candy crush, i was able to quit twitter (i actually gave it up for lent and never went back)

i think my first mistake was creating a personal account and then trying to do “irl friends,” celebrities, friends i found through “#ff,” as well as trying to build a personal learning community (plc) all at one time.

My second mistake was that i was afraid to interact with people.  i would respond to people that initiated conversations but (just like in real life) i was too chicken to start a conversation or join one already in progress.

So what advice to you have when using twitter?  I want to go back but I don’t want to waste time or get bogged down.   Do you prefer a specific twitter app over the others?

also, i need username ideas.  I am a 30-something high school math teacher.  i think i am pretty cool (yes, that is debatable) so I want a pretty cool name.  What do you think my twitter name should be?

please comment with your practical tips and ideas.

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i quit

i quit.

candy crush.  that is.


i didn’t really quit. i want to.  i really do. but i can’t. i try but it calls me.  i turn it off.  then i turn it back on.

“when i use the last of my lives then i am done!”  i tell myself.  

but then you send me more lives and extra moves.  i get a wrapped candy and a striped one and wipe out two lines at once.  suddenly i beat the level i couldn’t beat for a week.  i am recharged.  like an addict getting a fix. 

i play until my eyes burn.  
if the battery on my devices has dies while i play i freak out.  
if my kids use up all of my lives i get mad.  
do not call me when i am playing. i might not answer.

My name is Casey and I am addicted to Candy Crush Saga.  I has been about 15 minutes since I last played.  

I want to quit.  Level 347 seems unbeatable.  I know it can be done.  5 of my facebook friends have gotten past.  i have no desire to spend anymore time with it.  mixing a sprinkled and a wrapped candy is way too hard.  they want me to do it twice. while dealing with automatic chocolate makers.

I am done.  

For real this time.  


I quit.

Are you addicted?  what other games have you started but can’t stop?  

p.s. Can you please send me a candy crush life?


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