i quit

i quit.

candy crush.  that is.


i didn’t really quit. i want to.  i really do. but i can’t. i try but it calls me.  i turn it off.  then i turn it back on.

“when i use the last of my lives then i am done!”  i tell myself.  

but then you send me more lives and extra moves.  i get a wrapped candy and a striped one and wipe out two lines at once.  suddenly i beat the level i couldn’t beat for a week.  i am recharged.  like an addict getting a fix. 

i play until my eyes burn.  
if the battery on my devices has dies while i play i freak out.  
if my kids use up all of my lives i get mad.  
do not call me when i am playing. i might not answer.

My name is Casey and I am addicted to Candy Crush Saga.  I has been about 15 minutes since I last played.  

I want to quit.  Level 347 seems unbeatable.  I know it can be done.  5 of my facebook friends have gotten past.  i have no desire to spend anymore time with it.  mixing a sprinkled and a wrapped candy is way too hard.  they want me to do it twice. while dealing with automatic chocolate makers.

I am done.  

For real this time.  


I quit.

Are you addicted?  what other games have you started but can’t stop?  

p.s. Can you please send me a candy crush life?



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