bedtime prayers

Every night before bed we have our boys say prayers.  We don’t have a formal prayer but we encourage them to say thanks to God for something, ask for forgiveness of their sins, as well praying for their needs and the needs of others.

Bubba is really good at praying for the needs of others.  He has a very long list.  He is a pretty conscientious kid and he is very concerned for the people around him (he cares mostly at bedtime, though… he doesn’t really care about people when he is playing with legos or watching baseball) 

Dude is very good at being thankful.  Usually he looks around the room and lists the things he sees.  He is also thankful for things that he has heard, seen, remembers, thought of randomly.  I know he is a grateful kid but I am pretty sure he likes to prolong the bedtime process.

Tonight was meet the teacher night for our schools.  Dude is going into kindergarten. He is not looking forward to it.  When we took him for his immunizations he threw a fit.  The nurse told him that if he didn’t get his shots, he couldn’t go to kindergarten.  He responded “Great because I don’t want to go anyway!”

What does this have to do with prayers?  Well tonight when Dude started his laundry list of thankfulness he prayed the following in a very dry tone:  
      Thank you God for my new kindergarten class and my new teacher.  Even though I don’t want to be there, thanks anyway.  Thank you for thinking about letting me go back to preschool.”

I couldn’t help it and i started laughing.  Is it wrong to laugh during a prayer. Am I raising a passive aggressive child?  He seems to be trying to get God on his side with some suggestive prayers.  I think i have probably done that a time or two.

Gotta love my boys!!


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