not really good

We just finished dinner.  It wasn’t anything special.  
Chicken, pasta shells, cheese and broccoli all mixed together.  

Okay… who am I trying to fool?  We had Chicken Helper- broccoli cheddar flavor.  Please don’t judge.  I love the stuff.  It is fast.  It is easy.  And I don’t have to think about it when I am cooking.

Don’t judge.  We don’t eat super healthy in my house.  I know I have health nut friends out there that are thinking about how horrible of a mother I am for feed these processed foods to my kids.  Yes, I do.  I own it.    

Anyway we sat down to eat with our single servings.  I was waiting for the boys to complain about it.  They are 5 and 7.  They complain about almost everything I serve for dinner.  They would probably complain if I made them eat hot fudge sundaes as their meal. (they’d want brownies instead).

But they didn’t complain.  In fact, I am not sure they even took a breath while eating.  Bubba scarfed.  Dude shoveled.  They were really hungry (I know because they told me every 2 minutes for over an hour.)  Bubba asked for seconds.  Dude asked for seconds.  Bubba asked for more.  He was not happy when I told him no.

As he was walking away in total sadness I said, “Wow!  You must have really liked that,”

He responded with “Not really.”


Apparently I don’t understand growing boys.



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