full moon or weather?

As a teacher I have learned a lot about the moon phases and barometer changes.  

“But don’t you teach math, not science?”  you ask.

That is true but anyone with any sort of connection to a school has noticed a correlation between student behavior and the moon phases as well as the barometric pressure.  When the moon is full, the kids are crazy.  When there is a sharp rise or fall on the barometer, the kids are crazy.  

There are other scientific cues to wild behavior. Snow in the forecast and torrential downpours that last for days to name a few.

Anyway, today felt like a full moon with a sharp spike in the barometer.  If it weren’t 99 degrees outside I would have guessed that the weatherman was calling for snow.  My students were wild.  Freshman are always goobers but they were turbo charged today.  

I set a personal record for being told off by a student today.  It only took 5 days for the f-bomb to thrown and me to be called a capital B witch.  That is the fastest ever for me!

Bubba and Dude were wild, too.  I can’t even describe their craziness.  Let’s just say bedtime was before 7:30 tonight because I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and I will be lake bound for three days!

Where your kids crazy today?


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