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is he really six?

we have another birthday this week.

today, Dude turns 6! 

I cannot believe my little man is so old.  

He is the one that refused to talk until he was almost 4.  now he won’t stop.

He didn’t like his name so he renamed himself Dude.

He loves American Ninja Warrior and will make anything (and everything) into an obstacle.

He heckles middle school and high school students serving detentions.

He is anti litter.  he picks up every single piece of garbage off the ground.  Then complains about the people that put it there.

He loves God more than anything.  He loves his dog second most.  Momma ranks about 5th on his list.

I am so proud to call Dude my son!  Happy birthday!!!

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8 is great!

Oh my goodnes, you guys!  Can you believe it?  I have been a mom to boys for 8 years.

Today is Bubba’s 8th birthday!  He is such an awesome kid and I am so glad to be his momma.  (even if he did wait an extra two weeks to make an appearance back in 2005)

Bubba is smart (as in he could probably survive with my Algebra 1 kids this year!).  

Bubba is athletic (he is totally coach-able even if his natural ability is not any better than mine).

Bubba is sensitive and caring.  This little guy is so in tune with the people around him.

Bubba is sharp.  He can come up with a one liner or comeback without any thought.  He is hilarious (he gets that from me).

I am proud of the little man that Bubba is becoming.  Even if he does send me through the wringer sometimes.

Tonight we celebrate with popcorn chicken, curley fries and peanut butter ice cream.

Happy Birthday, Bubba!!!!

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its all fun and games

it started with a simple splash of cold water.

followed by a wet sponge.

the result was a full on water fight in my kitchen, family room and bathroom.

the instigator… the hubs 

the retaliator… Bubba

the innocent victims… Dude and me

I walked in on Monday evening to the hubs wiping water off the walls and floor.  He was giggling about the water fight.  Bubba was in laughing hysterically.  Dude looked frightened on the couch.  I just rolled my eyes glad that nothing got broken.

Fast forward to Tuesday night.  I am doing the dishes (remember… I haven’t had a dishwasher for 4 yrs.) and the water sounded like it had air bubbles in it.  then the water pressure dropped.  before i knew it, my feet were getting wet.

what the what??

the hose to the sprayer had a hole.  guess where that hole came from…

yep… the spray got pulled too far out on monday and the line broke.  when i was using it to was dishes the hole broke open. 


i do not have time for a plumbing problem.

thankfully, the hubs is awesome (and the one that caused the problem in the first place) so he ran to the store, did some plumbing stuff, yelled a few bad words, smashed his finger a time or two, and fixed it.

I put a fan under the sink to make sure everything was dried out and went to bed.

this morning was crazy (as is every morning) so i left the fan running all day.  When i got home from school i started cleaning up the sink mess.


there is always another issue…

there was another leak.  the cabinet under the sink was soaked.  

apparently, when we used the shut off valve (that had probably never been turned), we messed something else up.  so now, we have no water in our kitchen and we the hubs, has another plumbing project. i don’t have time for this.

at least i don’t have to do dishes tonight.


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