watch your aim

i am a mom to boys.  

any mom to boys will understand my plight.

my bathroom stinks.  like pee.  all of the time.

When i was scrubbing the bathroom floor i was gagging.  the amount of stagnant pee that had accumulated around the toilet was shocking.  how does this happen in one week?

i decided to have a talk with each of the boys individually.

The hubs blew me off and said that if i would clean more often it would be so bad.  He then tried to blame me. (uh… i have a much better chance of reaching the target than anyone in the house… you can’t blame me.)

Bubba acted like he knew what i was talking about but definitely wasn’t going to take responsibility.  In fact, he was a bit grossed out by the situation as well.

When I talked to Dude about the pee on the floor he owned it.  He said to me “That is probably me because when i go to the bathroom, my wiener starts to itch and i have to scratch it. when i scratch it, sometimes it points in other directions.  Sorry mom.”

Gotta love them but I am so ready to have my own bathroom where i can put up a sign that says “No Boys Allowed!”


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