You don’t see this back home


We went to the hardware store today to pick up a few items for a project we are working.  The hubs called me around to his side of the truck and pointed to the truck bedind us (pictured above).

He asked “you don’t see that in the city very often, do you?”

I replied with “Aww!  No. That is so sweet. 2 dogs snuggled up in the back of their owner’s truck waiting for them to come back. In the city they’d probably get a ticket for animal endangerment or something.”

The hubs told me to take a closer look.

That is not two dogs snuggling in the back of a truck.

That is a dog guarding a deer that has a very large set of antlers.  I freaked out a bit.  Bubba and Dude want to go in for a better look.

Nope.  You definitely don’t see things like that back home.  After 4 years of small town country living I should be immune to things like this. This is normal here.  I am not normal. I guess  am not adjusting, acclimating and fitting in as well as I thought I was.


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  1. Lol! I am shocked that u have not seen that before now!!!! Yes, that’s small town living and probably one of the best meals can be made with that deer meat!

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