I am a teacher and we are pretty nerdy around here. We talk about school stuff outside of school time.
Today I was having a conversation about alliteration with the boys. We talked about examples such as pretty pink purses. (The boys said ewww to that).  They named a few of their own. Dude’s favorite was “big butts” and “lying leopards.”.
Bubba said the example he gave at school was  “five farting fish.”
I asked if he really used that in class.  He was so proud and smiled smartly (had to throw my own in). 
I find this a bit embarrassing and asked what his teacher thought.  Bubba told me she reacher responded with “that would he some bubbly water.”
Dude had to add that it would probably be warm like a hot tub.  Definitely not one I want to relax in.
I don’t know where they get this.


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