was that a compliment?

Last night Dude got really mad at me. 

Like really mad.

So mad he was crying and could hardly walk.

He was mad because I wouldn’t let him watch Scooby Doo because everyone else in the house (well Bubba and me- the Hubs wasn’t home) wanted to watch the Olympics.

For almost an hour, Dude cried, yelled, and complained that the Olympics are horrible to watch and Scooby Dooby Doo was a much better choice for Sunday night viewing. 

Eventually he crawled up into my lap and the complaining go a little quieter (he was still griping about it but at least it was at a reduced volume).  A commercial for a cruise line came on and I said that I would love to be on cruise right now (cold weather does not suit me).  This particular ship was emphasizing the fun that kids and families can have while vacationing and they showed some people on a water slide.  Dude smiled and said that looked fun.  I agreed.  Dude asked if I would go with him down the water slide.

This is where I got hopeful that he was over not getting to watch Scooby Doo.

I told him that I would love to get on the slide with him.  

He said, “Well you are too fat so you won’t get to go!”  And then my charming little boy started complaining about the Olympics again.

Tonight we were again watching the Olympics and Dude was loving it.  He snuggled up to me and told me that he was really sorry for what he said last night.  He said, “I really do like your squishy tummy.”

Then compliments really started rolling.  Here are my two favorites.

He told me I was a lot prettier than a badger.  (I hope I am)
He told me that I smelled better than Bubba’s feet.  (Thank goodness because Bubba’s feet stink).

Watch out ladies!  Dude is one charming little boy that likes squishy tummies and has low expectations of beauty.  He is going to make some girl very happy one day!


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