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Bedtime prayers

Every night before the boys go to bed we gather as a family, read a short devotional, and say a prayer.
The boys are very thoughtful in their prayers and are learning to prayer for others and things outside of themselves.  Their prayers are from the heart, sweet, and sometimes hilarious.
Last week Dude prayed President Obama would quit smoking. It has been a mentioned a few more times. Tonight he again prayed that Obama would quit smoking but added that “everyone should quit smoking because it is a gross and really really bad habit.” I think he has a few other people in mind but I won’t call them out by name here.  You know who you are dear family.  Dude also prayed “that the people on the naughty list would get good so they can be on the nice list.”
Our devotion tonight was about keeping the peace and seeing and believing the best in people.  Bubba’s prayer tonight “God, thank you for our family.  Help us to like each other.”
These boys crack me up.


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