online quizzes

Have you noticed all of the online quizzes going around lately.

I loved them and get sucked into them easily.  They all ask the same basic questions.

Earlier this year I learned many things about myself including but not limited to:

*I should lIve in Portland

*Robert Downey Junior is my secret crush

*I am Zach from Saved by the Bell

*I am The Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

*I am Audrey Hepburn (although, I think this is the only answer to this one- either that or all of my friends on facebook answered the same way).

*I am fully embracing adulthood because I checked more than 40 out of 50 items on a list

*I am Rose from Golden Girls

Tonight I got sucked into to taking more quizzes and I learned that I most identify with the musical character Oliver. Heres what had to say about me:  You are loud, confident and very bubbly. People sometimes mistake you as being cocky but you are just a very fun-loving person. You like a bit of drama in life and love finding out gossip from your friends and family. You are very stubborn and can hold a grudge but thats probably because you don’t like seeing your family or friends getting hurt. Keep smiling because that cheeky grin is what you do best.

I am pretty sure this isn’t accurate but who knows… maybe a 10 question quiz knows me better than myself.

I found out my nickname should be Dottie because “like freckles, polka dots, or sprinkles, you are totally cute!”  You may now address me as Dottie!

I took several other quizzes tonight but my favorite was “Would You Pass Maths Now” on  I am proud to report that I got a perfect score.  It is a good thing since I am a high school math teacher. They told me “Congratulations! You’d be top of the class. Keep being amazing.”

I need to listen to that last sentence.  Keep being amazing.  I might make that my mantra and start telling my students that, too.

So to you, my dear reader, keep being amazing!!!


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