Cadbury Creme Eggs

It is that time of year…
Little bunnies hopping around laying eggs.  Such a bizarre tradition.  I have no idea where it started but the one thing I love about it is that the Easter Bunny always brings Cadbury Creme Eggs.
This seems to be the most divisive of all candies (black licorice and black jelly beans might be more bring more division but I am not sure). I have heard terrible things said about my beloved Cadbury Creme Egg. I don’t understand the haters.

Oh the milk chocolate egg. So soft and melty. 
Oh the creamy soft fondant center. I can’t even begin to describe the delicious taste.

The hubs admitted to me that he had never had one so I shared the goodness with him tonight. 
He took a little bite and responded “it’s alright,” as he handed it back.  That is his polite way of saying it was gross.
I hope our relationship can withstand this split on our culinary path.  At least I can say more for me although my pancreas might be able to keep up with my blood sugar spikes.

My dear Cadbury Bunny it is probably a good thing you only lay your eggs once per year.

On which side of the egg fence do you sit?


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