Confused Tooth Fairy

Dude hates losing teeth.  

The first one he lost freaked him out a bit.

The second one he lost got so wiggly that it fell out when he jumped into the pool last summer.  He had to write a note to the tooth fairy to see if she could find it in the pool.  She wrote back that she did find it but would not go looking for anymore teeth.

The third one got so wiggly that it almost fell out when he went to get his teeth cleaned at the dentist.  Good thing it didn’t actually fall out… we have crappy dental insurance and probably would have had to pay for an extraction or something.

The fourth one was hanging by a thread and sticking sideways.  it was so gross that the hubs and I conspired to pull it out while he was sleeping.  Good thing it didn’t come to that.  He knocked out while brushing.

Apparently, he lost another one last week.  Saturday morning, we woke up to him complaining that he had written to the tooth fairy but she still hadn’t shown up.


If you can’t read or make sense of this note, you are not alone.  Dude had Bubba write it some time last week.  It says:   

“Tooth Fairy:
I lost my tooth again. I think it is at the YMCA soccer field.  Do you mind if you look for it.  Your friend Isaac”

(By they way, we knew nothing about a lost tooth at the YMCA or that he even had a wiggly tooth for that matter)

Anyway, I guess things changed after they got into bed.  I guess the tooth turned up in his bed (he must have lost it the night before instead of at soccer practice) and they decided to edit the note rather than just get rid of it altogether.  That is in black ink written sideways.  “PSS I found it!”

But alas, it did not stay found for long because the note is updated again in green ink:  psss it is in my bed lost.

The hubs and I knew nothing about any of this and thus were unable to alert the toothfairy to pick up said tooth.  Saturday morning came around and Dude was not happy.  I am pretty sure Bubba is starting to figure things out about who the tooth fairy really is and this may have sent him over the edge of non-belief.  (he is on the fence about all of the guardians (santa, tooth fairy, easter bunny, etc) because he is super logical and none of it makes sense without a strong imagination but he is afraid to not believe in case it is all true).

Anyway, Dude brought me the note and explained everything to me.  The only thing I could come up with for why she hadn’t shown was that his note was super confusing and the tooth fairy didn’t know what he was talking about or where to look for the lost tooth.  I told him we should probably rewrite the note and he asked if I would send her a message on facebook (because that is how a kindergartner thinks you should get a hold of the tooth fairy).


I made Dude write the second note (no bribing older brother to do his dirty work).  If you can’t read the inventive spelling, it says: 
Dear Tooth Fairy,  I lost my tooth.  Its in my bed. Sorry for my note last night.  Please find my tooth.  Isaac  (and then he drew a picture of a tooth.)

These boys crack me up.

Are your kids afraid of losing teeth?  Have they ever had to write the tooth fairy a note?


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