Its an emergency

If you have read my blog over the last few years you already know that I seem to have an allergy to exercise. 
I have always claimed that I have trouble breathing, I break out into a sweat, and my skin gets blotchy.  All signs of an allergic reaction.
But I am on (yet another) mission to get healthy and fit. In order to do that I have to exercise.  There are a few things that I have found that I can handle the nasty side effects I mentioned above. Those include getting on an elliptical machine, going to my powerhouse dance class, and a small assortment of beachbody dvds.
Despite the fact that I have completed 5 half marathons, running is not on that list. In fact it is possibly the most horrific thing I do.
Tonight, though, that was my only option as I am out of town and the hotel fitness center is only a fitness center by name.
So I have run about 2 miles or so and my stomach starts to rumble.  But the rumblings are not high enough to signal hunger.  I start to panic.  I am at least a mile from the hotel and I have got to go.  NOW.
We can add loose stools to the list of allergic reactions I have from exercise.
And here I am in a Walmart bathroom, sharing my pain with the world. Please feel sorry for me.  But be proud that I am exercising despite my allergies.


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