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Hertz Donuts

I took the boys to the grocery store with me this afternoon to get a few things for dinner. As usual, they asked for various things as we walked through the store. They love sweets, chips, and soda. I am a horrible mother because I always tell them no and then end up buying it anyway.

So when Bubba asked me to get Hertz Donuts I was not surprised that he was asking for a treat. Here’s how this conversation went:

Bubba: Can we get Hertz Donuts?
Me: What’s that?
Bubba: You’ve never heard of Hertz Donuts?
Me: Uh… No…
Bubba: They are really awesome. Don’t you want to try them, Mom?
Me: (distracted by Dude mad grabbing orange sodas  and throwing them in the cart faster than I can remove them) Sure that’s fine.
Bubba: Okay mom


and he almost fell over giggling saying “Hurts, Don’t it?”

Yes!  Yes it did hurt!





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Long wait

Dear walmart,

I live in a small town and do not have many options.  You know this.  You are probably responsible for this.  You seem exploit this.  Here’s why.

Today is the first day of the month.  You know what this means, right?  It’s payday for the majority of the county.  It is also the start of tax free weekend for families to prepare for going back to school.

I work retail on a part time basis (because being a high school math teacher doesn’t pay well as we all know).  Walmart, let me tell you what we did at the small shoe store in which I work.  We called in extra employees to handle this glorious shopping day.  In fact, we typically have 3 people working in my store on a Friday.  Do you know how many people we scheduled to work today?  We had 9 people.  Triple what we typically have because we knew we were going to be busy, my dear Walmart. 

My latest accusations of exploitation come from my shopping experience tonight.  At 9:30 pm I entered your store to buy dog food, contact solution, and milk.  Of course I picked up a couple of impulse purchases on my way through the store but my item count was under 10. 

Do you know how long I had to pay for these items?  I waited in line for over 40 minutes.  You see, my dear walmart, you did not seem to prepare for this glorious shopping day.  You only had a few registers open (maybe only 1 more than typically open at 9:45).  There were 4 employees standing in the school supply aisle so I know you at least thought about the shopping focus of the weekend but apparently you didn’t not think about the fact that people were actually going have to pay for those supplies.

I read an entire People magazine while I waited.  I didn’t pay for it because I was finished before I got to the register.  And while you are not going to go broke because I didn’t pay for a magazine (and I know you probably don’t care because I still remember when I tried to buy bikes from you at Christmas)

The problem I have is that I have no other options and you don’t seem to care.  Someday, I will live in a big city again.  And when that day comes, my dear walmart, I will shop at Target because at least if I have to wait a long time, my fellow shoppers will be a little less dirty, a little better dressed, and have a little higher vocabulary.

The lady that thinks 40 minute in line is way too long.

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