Hertz Donuts

I took the boys to the grocery store with me this afternoon to get a few things for dinner. As usual, they asked for various things as we walked through the store. They love sweets, chips, and soda. I am a horrible mother because I always tell them no and then end up buying it anyway.

So when Bubba asked me to get Hertz Donuts I was not surprised that he was asking for a treat. Here’s how this conversation went:

Bubba: Can we get Hertz Donuts?
Me: What’s that?
Bubba: You’ve never heard of Hertz Donuts?
Me: Uh… No…
Bubba: They are really awesome. Don’t you want to try them, Mom?
Me: (distracted by Dude mad grabbing orange sodas  and throwing them in the cart faster than I can remove them) Sure that’s fine.
Bubba: Okay mom


and he almost fell over giggling saying “Hurts, Don’t it?”

Yes!  Yes it did hurt!





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