I’m okay

Working a football gate tonight so the boys are having a concession stand dinner. I know… Patent of the year award for me.
Apparently Dude ate too much too fast because when I look over, he is walking towards me and he stops, barfs, walks some more, stops, and barfs again before making it the rest of the way to me.
I am standing at the gate where the ambulance entersThe EMTs working the game jump out of the ambulance to check him out.  Dude grins and says my stomach hurts. He then sits down next to me for a few minutes and rests. The EMT is still concerned and I brush it off. 
After a few minutes Dude says to me “my stomach feels so much better” and he pulls a package of M&Ms out of his pocket and finishes them off before running to the bleachers.
Gotta love parenting boys!!


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