Fact about me

I am going to share a disgusting fact about myself.   Not to get anything off my chest or release some demons or anything.  But because I am disgusting, I live with boys and have learned that grossing you out makes me giggle.

I am a picker.  Not a nose picker.  I am a scab picker. Don’t worry I am not going to jump you and pick your scabs.  That would be not only gross but also weird. There is probably some psychological thing that is messed up in my brain.  I probably need help.  Something from my childhood probably scarred me and I need to go to therapy because I haven’t grown out of scab picking.

Anyway, the reason I tell you this now is because I currently have a scab on my elbow.  It is one of those thick gross ones that is bumpy and nasty looking.


But I can’t today.  Because I am in class all day and I prefer to pick in my bathroom so I can slather triple antibiotic ointment on it when I am done. I would hate to get an infection or something. 

(I mean that statement in the most tongue in cheek way… If I were really afraid of infection I would not pick in the first place)

So now I have shared a gross fact about me.  Do you need to get anything off your chest.


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