lesson learned tonight

It is always a good day when you learn something, right?

Here’s what I learned tonight:

  • I can’t sit in my car and listen to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game for two hours while your son has football practice.  The battery will die.
  • If you don’t ever pop the hood on the car, you won’t know where the thing is.  Yep it took a good 3 minutes of looking to find the hood popper thing.  Does that thing have a name?
  • Connecting the black part of the jumper cable to the red part of the battery with produce a huge and scary spark.  Lots of 3rd grade boys squealed on that one.
  • Not getting the cables fully connected to the battery will do absolutely nothing to get your battery charged.  No matter how long you let it stay connected and or how much you rev the engine it won’t charge.
  • I have the greatest husband in the world.  When I called him, he dropped everything he was doing and came and rescued me.  He did some magic and got my car started in about 3.1 seconds.  He is my hero!

I am sure my son’s coach thinks I am a dingbat.  I am sure the other parents think I am a total flake.  I am sure my own children think I am a damsel in distress and that the hubs is the handsome prince that I need.  Only one of those three things is true.

What did you learn today?


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  1. Kate

    Don’t buy a large quantity of sympathy cards for your office so that you will be prepared. My boss did that this afternoon because one of her client’s father passed away. I said “isn’t that like a jinx?” She calls me on my cell 30 minutes later to tell me never to say that again.. I say why…Who died? She found out one of her clients passed away on Monday and they just saw the obituary in the paper. I’m strangely psychic sometimes…. But really, it was coincidence. That is what I learned.

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