birthday week

We are in the middle of birthday week in our little family.  Yesterday was Bubba’s 9th birthday! Today is our dog Lucas’ 63rd (in dog years) birthday!  Tomorrow is Dude’s 7th birthday!

I can’t figure when the went from this:


to this:


Time flies when you are having fun!

When Bubba was born (2 weeks late, by the way!) I was so excited to have a healthy baby boy.  I had no idea how much work having a son would be.  Almost exactly 2 years later God laughed and said I hadn’t had enough and blessed us with another son (he has such a sense of humor).

In the early days, we suffered through colicky months that seemed to never end.  We waited three years to have a full nights sleep.  We learned that baby proofing is not the same as boy proofing. We learned that when a toddler (Bubba) drinks a whole bottle of baby tylenol he will get drunk (poison control actually told me that he would be drunk… they were right!). We learned that pennies(Bubba) and polly pockets(Dude) will pass through the digestive tract and come out unchanged.  We have learned lessons we never thought we would need to know.  I am sure there are many more lessons to come.

We have two amazing guys.  Both are going to be smarter than me pretty soon.  Both can make me laugh with their wit and facial expressions.  Both have so much athletic ability that I wonder if someone altered their DNA in utero. Everyday, when I don’t think I can love them anymore, I do. They exhaust me but I wouldn’t take it any other way!

Happy Birthday Bubba, Dude, and the dog!

ps.  the dog is a rescue that we adopted as a pup right after bubba was born.  we don’t know his birthday so the boys like to celebrate it on the day in between theirs.  works for me!


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